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Same Values, New Branding: ILC is now Rlux

Yeah, that’s right! ILC is now officially Rlux.

We’re officially launching a new brand identity for the company. A brand encompasses a lot. It is an outcome of everything from the quality of our products and services to how our customers and partners feel about us. We have made tremendous strides on all of these fronts over the past two decades. From launching revolutionary new products and significantly improving customer services to expanding manufacturing hubs and forging new partnerships, our evolution has never stopped. And it was imperative for our brand to evolve as well, marching into the future.

What hasn’t changed about us? Well, that would be our core mission and the values that make us relentlessly committed to delivering excellence to you. With our new branding, we intend to bring more clarity and pervasiveness to the importance of our mission.

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